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Gepetto Software is not actually "us" or "we", it is just me. However, it is fun to pretend to be a cool real company. I was born on June 2, 1992 in Istanbul. Having always considered myself a "Renaissance Man", I have always had endless hobbies and interests. I love reading books, watching films and playing video games. To me, these are the three mediums through which one can live lives otherwise impossible and I think this is simply extraordinary. I love creating and producing and therefore I am very interested in literature and art. Writing, drawing and painting are inseparable hobbies of myself. Needless to say, I love programming- precisely because of the same reason. Programming, to me, is the pinnacle of creation, the highest point of making something out of nothingness. As a Harry Potter fan since I was just 11 years old, programming is the only thing that I believe brings us close to wizardry. That's why I think that even a single line of code is the ultimate magic. Nevertheless, more than anything else, I love travelling and seeing new places. I have been to most of the countries of Western Europe and spent quite a lot of time in some of them and for years now, it has been my dream to settle in one of them which I finally achieved over the past year.

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Laughter is the best medicine. Plus, this is my website so I can put my portfolio, my CV, my services and other professional matters on the same page as my blog and the funny stuff I found during the surf.